Fashion in Film: ‘Snatch’

So, it’s Paris Fashion Week and the team is having a fantastic time, however for those of you out there who care more about day-to-day fashion than haute couture, I’m here for you. I’ve chosen today’s subject because over a nice Parisian lunch today, Fashion Plus Magazine‘s very own Editor in Chief Alexander Barnes mentioned to me he’d never seen Fight Club. This was blasphemous enough, but as the day progressed it seemed as though the man has never even graced a cinema – I threw out references from title after title of films only to have a glazed over look staring back at me.. but this did get me thinking.

Boxers, con-men and gypsies, not the first people you would think of when talking about fashion but this is exactly what “Snatch” gives us, in a world where diamonds are raided by men dressed as hasidic Jews, Jason Statham was still good in movies and you could still smoke in pubs, we find some fashion choices that make you think ‘actually, maybe I could pull something like that off’. For those of you who haven’t seen Guy Ritchie’s 2000 crime masterpiece, finish this article, read it again, tweet about it, follow me and then go watch it, it’s a truly brilliant piece of British cinema.

Let’s begin with having a look at one of the main protagonists “Turkish”, he’s a man of business- I use ‘business’ lightly as the business he deals with probably operates in the same grey area that “Massage Parlours” do, long story short, he’s a boxing promoter.

Fashion in Snatch film

Day-to-day I would say there is not much to avante garde here, he wears a traditional shirt and trousers combo. The main piece for me is his classic business trench coat, I feel these are about to explode again back into mainstream popularity. It’s been a staple piece for the office man for years but I can see this trickling into a common hight street spot – I feel men that want to seem to have a more edgy look tend to avoid browns and beiges, but I love a mix of new and classic and think this is the piece to give a try. Top of my to-purchase list as we speak.

Snatch Tyrone Fashion

Next we have useless dog loving muscle-for-hire Tyrone. Pure 90’s London, Tyrone’s most obvious article of clothing is his shiny leather jacket. I’m not saying go and get a super shiny PVC looking jacket, unless you’re going to a Grease themed costume party, but chances are if you have a regular frame you can pull most styles of leather jackets, but no dusters unless you’re 6 foot or above. Same if you have a larger build, avoid a “Brando” style and go for a more relaxed bomber fit. At the end of the day, whatever style you go for, it’s key to make sure you get a good quality genuine leather… cheap leather is obvious. Time for the trousers, I love a good pair of trousers, play around with different materials, there are lots of casual slim line trousers on the high street and while you’re at it, consider different colours and see what you like.

Brad Pitt style Snatch

Brad Pitt, character Mickey O’Neill: the barely comprehensible Irish traveller. Bare knuckle boxer and a cocky young lad who plays by his own rules: this includes his style too. The costume designer has clearly wanted him to have the “traveller” aesthetic, but conscious of looking scruffy. Now please don’t ever think a leather trilby is acceptable, but pretty much everything else – if done right – has potential.

Snatch fashion in film

First things first: shearling is great, it’s rugged, it’s warm, it looks good. The coat Mickey wears is not a traditional shearling coat.. with a white/beige trim it’s all over, kind of like a fur coat hybrid: it’s bold but if you feel you can confidently pull it off, go for it. On to the trousers, ‘Snatch’ love a good pair: like Tyrone, his are more casual than Turkish or Bullet Tooth’s suit trousers.

Jewellery is the final piece I want to touch on, men are still scared of jewellery especially more ostentatious jewellery, there’s no need to slather yourself in cheap costume jewellery. Go for a bold gold signet ring, use it as a statement piece: it’s obvious but do it right, get the right style and it can be the piece de resistance of the outfit. Overall none of these looks should be completely mirrored, they are, after all, costumes. But I think that using Snatch’s designs as inspiration can give you a refreshing new approach to style. Pick one you like and give it a try (extra points for designer tattoos.)

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