Mens Collection Spring 2014 Smart wear

Italian Design: Forward Thinking

Last week, Fashion Plus were invited to preview the eagerly anticipated Matteo Molinari collection of latest eyewear and winter wear designs for men. The experience filled with a variety of smells, sights and sounds, Matteo’s showroom was more than just an opportunity to see the designs, but to feel the whole concept.


Based in Italy, but currently in the transition phase to establish itself in the UK as an eyewear brand, Matteo presented a fresh take on the classic oversized style for men. Focusing on fitted shoulders and following a cocoon shape for the majority if it’s outerwear designs, if you’re tall and slim, and want to show off your broad shoulders, I would definitely go for one of their fish tail jackets.


Matteo’s controversial new cape adds a feeling of importance, valiance and tradition to the look as shown here. However, it was highlighted to Fashion Plus Magazine that you shouldn’t focus on the standard lookbook styles on show. Tailor what you’re choosing to wear and add your own creative flare to it. Focus on your individual style, and check out up and coming names like Matteo. I’m a fan!



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