Moschino and Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott and Moschino – Too Tongue in Chic?

Is Jeremy Scott the welcome injection of kitsch that Moschino needed? There’s no denying that Moschino was in trouble this time two years ago, having started in 1983 it was starting to look like ideas were running thin. Garments were showing up in TK Maxx and on Ebay more and selling at prices that really would put any Fashion House to shame. The Fashion Week shows were still a booming success, but they no longer had that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ kitsch-ness that Moschino had originally based themselves on.

Jeremy Scott joined the brand this year for their AW14 catwalks in February. Moschino has already seemingly gone from strength to strength with Scott’s new designs in both women’s and menswear. When Moschino originally announced Jeremy Scott as their new creative director it seemed like a match made in heaven. Scott’s shows are well known for their youthful and playful designs with hints of irony and this is just the type of creative injection that Moschino needed.jeremy-scott-moschino-spongebob-bathingsuit-solecism-thumbnail

The first show Jeremy produced for Moschino received a highly mixed reaction: while some people were gushing with praise and kind words about how Jeremy has changed Moschino for the good and taken designs back to the original and wonderfully tacky-themed beauty, others seemed to think quite the opposite. People were saying how Jeremy Scott had ‘ruined fashion forever’ and that the new designs for AW14 were ‘shameless advertising’.

The AW14 collection depicted the infamous McDonald’s style arches- changed slightly to avoid any issues with the original, with the tagline ‘MOSCHINO. OVER 20 MILLION SERVED’ on jumper dresses and accessories. I feel this may have been a direct poke in the face to people who are caught up in telling models to eat more; Jeremy Scott may have thought this to be just his kind of irony. Other parts of the collection portrayed Spongebob faces and his trademark black sponge holes on dresses, coats and accessories. While this collection may have been a wee bit unsightly and kitsch it has certainly got people talking about Moschino again- celebrities such as Rita Ora and Katy Perry have both attended events wearing these new designs.

Moschino’s menswear catwalk show at London Collection: Men certainly got people thinking about the future of fashion. Some were outraged that designs like his went down the runway and others found his designs to be a breath of fresh air and a sign of things to come. There was no doubt, however, that it was the most anticipated show of the event.

Jeremy Scott has never been worried about being a talking point in fashion. His AW13 collection ended up drawing a huge amount of drama in the design world after it was noticed that some of the garments were showing similar motifs to the downloadCalifornian skate artist, Jimbo Phillips. When asked, Scott originally declined to comment on the matter, but ended up agreeing with Phillips that he would cease manufacture of the garment.

The Kansas City born designer has also often been told that his designs are “unsightly” and after his 2000 Ready-to-wear collection, New York Vogue said that his collection was “a witty reply to all his detractors, who had accused him in the past of producing outlandish clothing that no one would wear.”

That phrase seems to resonate with his AW14 Moschino collection; people said the designs were purely runway and would not translate into ready-to-wear, yet there are copies of his Moschino French fries phone case available at nearly every market stall worldwide.

Jeremy’s instagram is awash with fan photographs and art with captions of how he has the ‘best fans in the world’ -we love this idea here at Fashion Plus Magazine – he’s breaking the wall that some design houses have built up against their fans and clients in order to seem professional but have just ended up hostile.

Personally, I can’t help but think that Jeremy Scott and Moschino are perfect for one another. With their tongue-in-chic irony, the world of fashion is about to get a whole lot more fun.

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