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Model Turned Musician: This Is Sam Way

Sam Way MusicianSince being introduced to model Sam Way in October last year, I’ve had the pleasure of building a friendship and following a journey like no other. At the age of 26 and with a modelling portfolio featuring names such as Kate Moss, Diesel and Dolce & Gabbana, Sam has done incredibly well for himself but is now looking to follow his heart and get in to a career path that has the potential to go on forever. An extremely creative and intellectual person, I’ve spent hours discussing literature, film and music with Sam and it’s nice to see a fresh talent who keeps meaning behind the songs he creates.

November 2013 saw the release of his debut single ‘Dancing Shoes’, one of the catchiest songs in his genre, which was received extremely well, winning the appreciation of critics, fans and new listeners. Since then, he’s been gigging across London, studying and appearing on our TV’s in the latest Head & Shoulders advert.

Sam Way – Fresh Musical Talent

Last night I was invited to join him at Camden’s Lock Tavern, an intimate venue in the heart of the trendy borough of London, where I was subject to one of the most intense and emotional musical performances I’ve been to. Opening the night was Dean James with an acoustic set of this song that gripped the audience from the first note. A soft blend of James Morrison and fresh, new vocals, Dean James‘ performance reminded me of the first time I saw Ed Sheeran play live before he came into fame, while he was studying at the British Academy of New Music.

The mood set, the audience laid back yet gripped by the stunning prior performance, Sam took to the stage with his acoustic guitar and opened his set with his debut single, ‘Dancing Shoes‘. The high level of good quality music continued, the applause after each song growing louder and as I turned around half way through his set, wanting to get another drink, I realised the place was filled and getting to the bar would be a much more difficult feat than expected.. A packed out venue; what more could an up and coming musical talent wish for?

Sam Way guitar

Perfection in Performance

Of course, perfection can’t last forever, and it wasn’t long before his guitar lead stopped working. But like all great musicians, Sam showed us the way – asking everyone to stay quiet and performed a song with no microphone or speakers. Sure enough, it worked, and we were left questioning why this man was only given a 30 minute slot on the schedule.

Despite this, he even previewed us his upcoming song, the release of which is much awaited in the music industry.

New Single – May 2014

Golden Soldier‘ is filled with emotion and reminded us the true purpose of music – to communicate a message, an emotion, a feeling, to the audience through one’s creative talents. I’ve often discussed with Sam how incredibly powerful one single note, a chord or an acapella can be – its effect on a listener varying from person to person, yet not losing its initial effect. This song is simply a mirror of this, Sam himself having to take a few seconds to take his mind off the message of the piece before moving on swiftly. Golden Soldier is perfectly reflective, powerful and emotive and it’s time to see the star behind the guitar shine.

Please share your thoughts and ask your questions below – details of Sam Way’s upcoming gigs are available on his Facebook page.

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