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Prison Inmates Turn into Fashion Designers for Project Papillon

project papillon
Courtesy Project Papillon

From Finland’s prisons with love; a new Kickstarter campaign dubbed ‘Project Papillon‘ has raised almost $3,000 to help fund its next collection of clothing with a difference. The justice system and fashion industry don’t often mix.. and when they do, the results aren’t often seen on the catwalk. However, that could be about to change as Finnish prisoners get together behind bars to produce high quality garments for Project Papillon.

clothes made by inmates
Courtesy Project Papillon

Each garment has its own story and the project’s aim is to help inmates on their path to rehabilitation. There’s no surprise that some of them have been inspired by the black and grey stripes of prison uniform but on the whole, most of Papillon’s clothes are ethical and well produced.

Making the most of prison art, hidden messages and creativity, Project Papillon state that “art courses and enshrined craftsmanship establish a solid foundation for our ambitions; inmates decide the extent to which they participate in the creation process.”

How do you feel about wearing clothes produced by those who have potentially committed the most horrific of crimes? A great conversation starter, right? “Hey, nice t-shirt!” “Thanks, it was made by a murderer”…

prison bandana fashion
Courtesy Project Papillon
Prison night fashion
Courtesy Project Papillon

Their nightwear is questionable. You can support prison fashion on Kickstarter.

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