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Review: Goodwin Smith Men’s Shoes

When £275 worth of shoes arrived on my doorstep in a very large box, I must say my expectations were high. Goodwin Smith have been going since 1928 and have recently expanded into the online market, capturing quite a following on Twitter and Facebook already.


The shoes came beautifully boxed and my first impression: wow. The detail with which the handcrafted shoes were put together stands out from the much older, worn out pair I was donning at the time. Using a mixture of traditional, brown leather, with a more creative coloured suede twist, Goodwin Smith have done a great job at keeping their heritage apparent whilst catering for the up and coming men’s fashion industry in the UK.



However, in the end it all comes down to quality. With their next collection of men’s shoes set for release later this month, all eyes are on Goodwin Smith in the ‘quiet’ period of the men’s fashion world, three months before the next London Collections: Men. As I unpackaged my shoes, after getting over the beautiful smell of fresh leather, the first thing I did was, of course, try them on.


Their tweet says it all: “Alex @FashionPlusMag has received our shoes and has found them to be the comfiest pair of shoes he has ever worn!”

Their cushioned, yet not restrictive base inside the shoe moulded to my feet as though they were memory foam insoles, and I didn’t get the ‘brand new shoe blisters‘ I usually suffer from until a full 12 hours of wearing them.

And now, a day later, albeit with sore feet, I’m fully prepared to keep wearing my Goodwin Smiths – the only cause for concern being the already slightly worn heel, but maybe that’s due to my heavy footed walking.

Recommended? Yes. 100%. If there was an official star rating system for men’s shoes, I’m pretty sure I would award Goodwin Smith with 5 – especially considering their excellent customer service throughout.


Check out their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and show them some love on their website here.

8 thoughts on “Review: Goodwin Smith Men’s Shoes

  1. You are promoting shoes on a fashion blog, and you didn’t even bother to ask the producer the most basic question: whether it is welted or just gluled (a big NO to serious shoe enthusiast). This is disappointing, mate.

  2. Customer service in my opinion is the worst I have dealt with, I would never order from these people ever again, customer service treated me very poorly when I raised an issue about postage, I now buy from my usual brands once again.

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