Street Style Fashion: Parliament Style

Nick Clegg Style in Parliament
Nick Clegg favourites glasses over pocket squares

This week is Fashion Plus Street Style and a good look at politics can never go wrong (or can it?). A Prime Minister is a representative: the leader of the country is supposed to operate in the interests of the public. When Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair, at least the clear lack of fashion awareness and personal style was made up for by a well-spoken Scottish politician.

With support for the Conservatives dwindling and the hopelessly unstylish Ed Miliband leading the Labour Party, the likelihood of a UKIP success at the next general election is dramatically increasing. People will vote for who they want, but let’s face it: British Politics is doomed when it comes to fashion.

Nigel Farage, whose most recent political¬†achievement -according to his website- is speaking at a student conference, is well known for the emotive faces he can pull.¬†Unfortunately, he is not so well known for his fashion choices. Although he hasn’t worn anything overly controversial, I do think the ‘egg look’ suits him.

Nigel Farage Street Style
Nigel Farage sporting the ‘Egg Look’


Messy style can become a trademark: Boris Johnson is well known for his wild hair – at least he’s doing something different, but surely a well-presented Prime Minister will do a better job than a scruffy one. One unlikely favourite, who has recently risen to stylishness is Conservative Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles. The cold weather has given him layers which, as well as giving him practical use: more storage for his biscuits, gives him the extra edge that we often don’t see from the Conservatives.

Eric Pickles Fashion
He looks awfully happy.

Who are your favourite style icons in Parliament?

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