Fashion Plus is a magazine for the people that matter. We aim to revolutionise the fashion industry using the latest in technology and a community-driven approach. We recognise that it’s difficult to start out as a photographer, designer, writer, stylist etc. which is why we’ve made it dead simple to submit your work to us.

Do you have an article, a photo, a design, or something else you’d like to showcase on Fashion Plus? Send it by email to submit@fashionplusmagazine.com

Photographs: minimum 1,000 pixels wide (no height restriction). You can take the image on any device, whether it be your iPhone, tablet or professional camera.

Articles: suggested length 500-750 words but longer will be accepted.

Please be aware that your submissions may be subject to editing, but you will always be credited. Ensure that your submission contains your name, and a link to your blog, website or social media profile.