Men's Summer Style Tips 2015

Summer Style Guide for Men: 2015 Top Tips

Men's Summer Style Tips 2015

Summer. Finally. A gasp of air, a chance to finally get outside and bask in the sun! The long, gruelling winter months are finally over and it’s sunny until 9pm; you and your friends are wanting to go out and enjoy yourselves whether it be for a holiday, a night out, or a drink at the local. From a style perspective, it’s no longer about layering: you can’t wear that favourite winter coat and scarf combo, but you still want to look good. Whether you’re one of the lads who will happily spend an hour on his appearance, or a man who wants to be up and ready in 10 minutes, there’s a knack to getting it right – especially if you don’t want to end up spending a fortune.

This summer, Fashion Plus Magazine partnered with T.M. Lewin to bring you some top style tips so you can dress for the occasion without worrying your bank balance too much. We’ve done all the hard work for you and come up with some super trendy, affordable summer men’s looks that will hopefully offer some inspiration for you.

Picnic Casual

Men's Summer Style 2015One of our favourite styles for men this summer is the Picnic Casual. Give a sense of class, while keeping it fresh and easy: and what’s great is it’ll work with pretty much any colour. Keep the jeans dark and the shoes brown, but feel free to mix and match the colour of your jumper: red, blue, purple, as long as it’s ironed and logo-free.

Timeless Traditional

Fashion Tips for Men Summer 2015

 Layering is always a great way to stand out. A two-piece suit can end up looking scruffy if you’re not careful, but not much can go wrong once you’ve added the waistcoat. Accessorise with a pocket square and you’ve got yourself a dapper, well-dressed man for summer 2015. Use this look for any events or parties you’re going to.

Timeless Traditional – Wedding Day

Summer Style Tips - Men

Keeping in tune with the three-piece trend, this grey suit is perfect for the wedding season. If you want to stand out for all the right reasons, stick to a single-colour, light suit and don’t forget the waistcoat. As always, a pocket square will complete the look, but don’t forget to think about shoes.

Cool Contemporary

Suits for Work Summer 2015

We typically spend 45-50 years of our life at work. Why, then, would you dress down? There’s nothing wrong with showing up at work in a three-piece suit and causing a bit of a stir. One of our readers even started a ‘best dressed’ competition among the men at work last summer and raised money for charity: so don’t fear the consequences, it’s all good.

Country Casual

Summer Style for Men

If you want to steer away from the pressure of suiting up, why not combine your favourite pair of chinos with a casual shirt and blazer. Collar up, of course. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality with bracelets, pocket squares and other accessories, but the trick here is to keep the main components of your outfit clean and uninterrupted.

The good thing about men’s style is that change is gradual and these looks can be used over and over again with only mild adjustments each year.

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