Street art by Plastic Jesus

The New Bansky – Plastic Jesus (Graffiti Artist)

Street art/graffiti is an artists’ way of expressing a take on modern life. It’s a voice without censorship, allowing the artist to challenge the political and social standards.  To that end there’s a new kid on the block and he’s called Plastic Jesus. Notorious city of angels artist Plastic Jesus created a hugely controversial art installation in the middle of Hollywood on the corner of La Brea and Hollywood Blvd to speak out on drug related deaths in Hollywood.

Bansky's competition is plastic jesus

Controversial Artwork

The artist, who is known for commenting  on controversial issues, constructed an 8 foot replica of an Oscar shooting up heroin in to its arm, pertaining to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Almost every week someone in the industry dies from the effects of drug use. Plastic Jesus calls attention to this tragic issue in the hopes that people will take it more seriously.

New Bansky - Plastic Jesus Graffiti

Street art  is the stuff that doesn’t need a permission slip. That’s what makes graffiti and street art exciting. I love this genre because it is composed of people who, by their very definition, are rule-breakers, ego-maniacs and outlaws. Street art is not just decoration; it’s a public forum and a catalyst for change. Street art should make the world a better place through both ideas and imagery – it is the biggest art movement the world has ever known. Street art is massive because you can travel to any corner of the world and it’s present, not constrained to the limits of art galleries or museums.

Plastic Jesus vs Banksy graffiti artists

Graffiti’s Influence on Society

Tagging is about the human need to express oneself in their environment. What graffiti has done is reconnect  modern humans with our inherent, innate and primal need to mark territory. Tagging is the modern version of cave painting; it gives a public voice to each and every artist. I believe and hope this art movement will just keep on growing. Like hip hop and skateboarding it’s not just art it’s a lifestyle.


Plastic Jesus takes his name from the film Cool Hand Luke where Paul Newman sings “Plastic Jesus”.

Street Art and Fashion

I would like to see this form of art influencing the fashion world by screen printing and stencilling onto garments such as these by CAKO Fashion.








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