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Top Knots & Snapchat: Where is 2016 Going?

It was about two years ago that the top knot really hit the men’s fashion industry. But where did it come from and why is it refusing to leave the scene?

Looking at history, the topknot’s origins lie in the Japanese tradition of Chonmage; a haircut designed to keep samurai helmets solidly in place. As time moved on, the topknot became a status symbol for the Japanese and eventually crossed over to China as the┬áMing dynasty came to an end. In women’s fashion, top knots have been popular since Audrey Hepburn first sported one in 1963 – Are top knots here to stay?
Adidas Pharrell Campaign

As the demand grows for the consumer to have instant, priority access to the latest trends, Adidas have pioneered in beating the press. So far this year we have seen the brand tactically ‘leaking’ their latest designs, above we see Pharrell’s 2016 NMDs feature in a recent Snap. Will such instant, temporary social media be the key to PR strategy going forward?

H&M Meets Kenzo

Collaborations have been big this year. H&M have continued to work alongside high-end fashion houses to bring affordable luxury to the fashionista on the street. Balmain, Alexander Wang and now Kenzo have released collections with the label – but what’s next?


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Feature: Post Resign
Snapchat: Adidas
Kenzo x H&M

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