Calvin Klein and Justin Bieber Unite

Calvin Klein: Justin Bieber Creates a Stir Yet Again

Superstar and 30-time platinum-selling pop star Justin Bieber will be featured alongside Dutch supermodel Lara Stone in the Spring 2015 international Calvin Klein campaign. Shot by fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in New York City, the brand’s latest campaign features Bieber with Stone in key jeans and underwear styles of the season, furthering the iconic brands’ longstanding legacy of […]

Education career guide

Career Guide: Education vs Experience in the Fashion Industry

Ever since we were young, our parents, teachers and practically everyone we know has been telling us that getting into college is the only option towards a successful career path. However, things have changed dramatically over the last decade and creative professions like the ones related to fashion are usually more defined by practical skills […]

Von Braun Kennedy Nasa Nazis

NASA and The Nazis: The Modern Impact of Operation Paperclip

Nearly 70 years after the end of World War Two, the effects of Nazi science can still be felt in analytical fields. The aviation community is once such body still fractured over the legacy of its fascistic peers. This division is not only based on the inhumane experiments, procedures and developments that infamously took place […]

Little Shilpa Interview

In Conversation with Little Shilpa

Little Shilpa is the Mumbai-based millinery label that has vibrantly dominated the headwear scene since its launch at 2009’s Hedonism – the London Fashion Week platform which celebrates and supports emerging millinery talents. In the years that followed, Little Shilpa has established a base in London, become an anticipated fixture at Fashion Scout and adorned the head […]