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Trends to AVOID and EMBRACE According to your Body Shape

Modern day women are obsessed with how they look, especially if they are a fashion follower or fitness ‘freak’. Personally, I believe all women are beautiful in their own way and they should embrace the shape they are!  Worrying about your weight isn’t just for curvy women -skinny women often worry about how they are portrayed in day-to-day life because they don’t want to be seen as unhealthy. I am here to ensure you avoid those ‘marmite’ trends that your body will either love or hate.

Pear Shaped – You have a small waist but your hips and bum are slightly larger/broader.

Apple – You don’t have a prominent waist or hips, you have a more rounded figure.

Hourglass – Your breasts and bum are bigger and more prominent than your waist.

Boyish/Athletic – Your figure is thin and straight, your bum might be small and you probably have a smaller chest.

Midi Skirts

Midi Skirts are beautiful staple pieces to any woman’s wardrobe but your body shape determines whether or not you can pull this trend off.Carolina Herrea

If you’re Pear Shaped steer away from fitted midi skirts as these can make you look bigger than you are, stick to a skinny pleated one as you are buying it to fit your waist. If you are a size 16 in jeans, it’s probably because your bum is bigger than your waist so you might need to check your sizing in a midi skirt as it sits on your waist, as opposed to hips meaning sizing could be smaller.

If you are Apple Shaped fitted midi skirts are great for you because your legs are probably quite slender, you can pull it off! But stay clear of pleated midis because they will hug you in all of the wrong places.

If you’re hourglass then my advice would be the same as Pear Shaped.

Boyish/Athletic? I say no to a fitted midi but yes to a pleated midi. Why? If your bum is small then a fitted midi skirt would swamp you and look unstructured.


Bralettes look stunning if you are small, petite and model material but if you can’t pull it off then there’s no way of getting around it.

If your Pear shaped then it’s up to you if you want to show off your small waist but remember, your bum will be more defined if you choose to pull off this trend.

If you’re an Apple Shaped girl then I’m sorry, but this trend isn’t for you. It wouldn’t enhance your true beauty good enough.

If you’re an hourglass girl, your boobs would look fabulous in a bralette but like I said about pear-shaped, your bum will be more defined, so It’s entirely up to you.

If you’re boyish/athletic then go for it. Your figure was made for this trend. But don’t bare all because you might tip out of classy and into trashy in a matter of seconds. Team a bralette with mom jeans and a blazer and you’re good to go!

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are the perfect trend for women any age but sadly not any body shape.

Pear Shapes,Apple Shapes and Hourglass girls, I’m sorry ladies, but you just can’t pull this off perfectly. Stick to skinny jeans and/or something with a little bit of stretch/give in them.

Boyish/Athletic how lucky are you? You can pull this off any day. Go for it girl!

Bum Shorts

Personally I think this trend is awful but some of you girls like it. I’d say whatever shape you are whether you are skinny, curvy or Burberry Prorsumin the middle, AVOID them with all of your power because they aren’t classy in the very slightest.

Smock Dresses

Pear Shaped and Hourglass Shaped women suit smock dresses perfectly. They cover your curvy features that you might not want on display all of the time, so they are great for any season and you can style them accordingly.

If you’re Apple Shaped or Boyish/Athletic then wear this item of clothing with caution.

Leave your body shape below along with an item of clothing you’d like to try out and in my next body shape article I will guide you and let you know whether to avoid or embrace that trend/item!

Keep an eye out for my next installment!

Mollie! x


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