American Football Dos and Donts

US Fantasy Football Do’s and Don’ts

By Kristina Kostovski


-Pick a consistent quarterback

It doesn’t matter if your quarterback actually wins or loses games. You should focus on whether or not this quarterback will create high scoring games. Russell Wilson may have won his team a Super Bowl but he was ranked ninth among quarterbacks in fantasy football. The Saints on the other hand may have lost to Wilson and the eventual Super Bowl champions in the postseason, but Drew Brees ranked second among quarterbacks in fantasy football, and was able to earn a large number of points for his fantasy holers.

Leave your bias out of your draft

Just because you may be a die-hard fan of a specific player, that doesn’t mean that player is actually the best for your fantasy team. Go wear his jersey around, but don’t draft him if there are other higher ranked, more explosive players in his position.

-Focus your team around running backs

Running backs are as lucrative as a consistent quarterback is. Running backs are the players that will be scoring the majority of your points so make sure to draft them in early rounds. They are also the most injury prone players on the field, so be sure to build up some depth at the running back position.

Russell Wilson - Superbowl– Look at player reports

It is important to be knowledgeable on a player’s health. Drafting a player without looking at his injury report/history may cost you. If you are looking into picking up an injured player, make sure these injuries aren’t that serious and they will return within a week or two. Also, be cautious of suspended players.

-Build a deep bench

It is important to have a deep bench just in case a player gets injured or is undergoing a bye week. You should have at least one extra quarterback and running back on your bench.

-Pick a good defense/special teams

Do not neglect picking a good defense because you don’t want to lose by one or two points due to your defense’s inefficiency. Also, remember that special teams statistics count towards your team defense, so choose accordingly.

– Save your kicker for later rounds in the draft

A kicker generates some of the least points for your fantasy team. Saving a kicker for the last round in the draft will allow you to take advantage of a player that will bring your team a greater return in points.


-Make your Flex player a TE

The flex player slot allows another opportunity for high point scoring. It would be wise to pick a running back because they generate the most points and would be ideal for the flex position. If I did not have a running back I would fall back to a wide receiver. Using a tight end as a flex player is usually just passing up on points.

– Forget to update your lineup every week

I cannot tell you how many times I was rushing to my computer to update my roster ten minutes before a game was going to start. Be conscious of who your players opponents are as matchups play a huge impact on how they will perform. This influences who you should start or bench. Also it is now a different bye week. Don’t leave any empty spots on your roster or forget to replace an injured player.

Drew Brees Superbowl

-Pick up multiple players with the same bye week

It is important to understand your players’ bye weeks. You do not want to be put in a position where multiple players have the same bye week and you have no one to start at their position.

-Pick up a player based on last year’s performance

Just because a player had an amazing year doesn’t mean he will have an another amazing year.  For example, maybe a player is getting out of an injury or playing with a different set of teammates.  There are a lot of factors that can influence a player one year to the next both positively and negatively including his chemistry with his teammates.

– Ignore free agents

Having a good draft is only the first step to building your fantasy football team. Always check out the waiver wire/free agent market as it is a great opportunity to improve your roster. You never know if someone was dropped and is waiting for you to pick them up.

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